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Greetings REALTOR® family and welcome to my website. I am Jennifer Branchini, and I’m excited to be a candidate for the 2020 Treasurer of the California Association of REALTORS®. I created this site to give you some insight into who I am, what I stand for and why I want to serve as your 2020 Treasurer. As you get to know me, you will learn how my life and volunteer work revolves around serving others. I am incredibly proud of the work we do at C.A.R. to further the values that make us one of the most influential associations in the country. We are lucky to live in California, where ideas are born, technology breeds and new ideas can flourish. My management style is to listen and learn then lead. Together we can tap into the greatness of our state and bright minds within our membership. It would be an honor to be your Treasurer and continue our legacy of member commitment in 2020 and beyond.


Technology, innovations and disruptions combined with changing consumer expectations have put more pressure on the real estate industry than ever before. We need to move beyond the notion of just being part of the home buying and selling experience. We have to ensure REALTORS® are indispensable to every real estate transaction. And I believe C.A.R. is uniquely positioned to create the strategies and tools to help us achieve this vision.


There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “The tongue can paint what the eyes can’t see”. It’s the power of voice, and it’s the power to change. Our 200,000+ members share that collective power. It’s the role of C.A.R. Leadership to listen to what our members need and then help them use their voices to set the direction of our association. Working together, we can influence the outcome of public policy and bring about the changes we want to see in our communities and our industry.


As the largest real estate association in California, C.A.R. is a crucial part of the real estate value chain. By identifying and delivering the services that meet the diverse needs of our members, C.A.R. can help REALTORS® demonstrate and communicate their value to their clients. But that’s not enough. We have to reinforce this message by finding new and innovative ways to communicate the REALTOR® value to homebuyers and sellers.


As Treasurer of the California Association of REALTORS®, I am committed to lead with vision, engage the members’ voice, and demonstrate the value of C.A.R. and our members.



Region 6

“Region 6 is proud to endorse Jennifer Branchini. Jennifer comes from a family tradition of REALTORS® and has a first-hand understanding of both the history of the industry and a deep understanding of threats and opportunities of the future. She combines 12+ years of dedication, mentorship and passion to invite us all to work together toward a new vision for home ownership.”


Bay East Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors

WHEREAS, Jennifer Branchini has consistently demonstrated leadership skills, professionalism and vision to advance the success of REALTORS®;
AND WHEREAS, Jennifer has served in numerous leadership roles with the local Association, the California Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®;
AND WHEREAS, we recognize the REALTOR® profession will benefit from Jennifer serving as an officer for the California Association of REALTORS®;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the Bay East Association of REALTORS® endorses Jennifer Branchini’s campaign for 2020 Treasurer of California Association of REALTORS®.


The Board of Directors of the Oakland Berkeley Association of REALTORS® endorses Jennifer Branchini’s campaign for 2020 Treasurer of California Association of REALTORS®.


Region 24

"The directors in Region 24, Greater San Diego AOR feel that Jennifer has the knowledge, integrity and commitment to be an excellent treasurer for C.A.R. and she has our full support."


Region 29

"Our region was unanimous with their support for her and we were clearly impressed with her background, experience and enthusiasm for the position."

My Comittment


About Me

I’m proud to be a multi-generational REALTOR®, following in the footsteps of my grandfather and my aunt who have been REALTORS® for over 50 years. I saw their commitment to serving their clients with professionalism and ethics, and I understood their passion for helping home buyers and sellers realize their dreams. I knew from the time I graduated college that I shared the same passion and commitment, so I joined the profession in 1998. That decision led me to not only serve my clients for the last two decades, but it also drew me into serving my fellow REALTORS® at the local, state and national level.

Family is at the heart of everything I do, whether it’s helping people find the perfect home, helping agents in my office close transactions, helping the Association develop services for members, or participating in my children’s home, school and extracurricular activities. My strong family bond extends to everything in my life. If I believe in something I own it and see it through.


About My Family

My husband, Cam Inman and I are parents of three active children (Kate, 17; Brooke, 13; and Grant, 10). Cam is a sports writer with the Bay Area News Group covering the 49ers and NFL football. Kate is a junior in high school who serves on the city of Pleasanton’s Youth Commission and is highly active on her school’s Leadership Committee. Brooke is in the 8th grade and has a love for sports, especially competitive soccer and softball. Grant is in 4th grade and is fine-tuning his negotiating skills while staying active in golf and swimming.

About My REALTOR® Family

My aunt, who was President of my local association in 1989, encouraged me to get involved from the time I started in the business. After I served on my first committee, and I saw what a difference we could make, I was hooked. I have participated on almost every committee since then. After being on our Strategic Planning Committee for several years, I knew I wanted to do more. I was elected to the Board of Directors in 2008 and served continuously until 2015. I was the association’s 2010 REALTOR®-of-the-Year, the President in 2014, and I received the 2017 Outstanding Leadership Award in 2017. My focus, from the beginning, has been to help the association to plan for the future, through strategic action and leadership development, and it continues to be my passion today.


Getting involved locally helped me to take the next step, serving on the California Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors. I’ve been a C.A.R. Director since 2010 and have been on numerous committees. I was the 2012 Chair of Young Professional Network, a member of the 2013 Executive Committee, the 2016 Vice Chair of the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee, the 2017 Vice Chair of the Legislative Committee and I’m currently the 2018 Association Leadership Liaison. I’m also active at the National Association of REALTORS®. I’m a graduate of the NAR Leadership Academy and I’ve served as a C.A.R.-appointed NAR Director since 2014. In 2017, I was selected to be the Member Services Liaison at the National Association of REALTORS® and I’m currently the 2018 Vice Chair of the Meetings and Conference Committee.

About My Work Family

I am the General Manager of Better Homes and Gardens Tri-Valley Realty, a family business with 60 agents. I love the challenge of helping our agents create their personal business plans and fulfill their goals. I’m also an active REALTOR®, working on a daily basis with my clients to help them navigate the ups and downs of our ever-changing real estate market.



National Association of REALTORS®

  • Member – Board of Directors
  • Vice Chair – Meetings and Conference Committee
  • Member – Board of Directors
  • Liaison – Member Services
    • Economic Issues & Trends Forum
    • Research Committee
    • Professional Development Committee
    • Young Professional Network
    • Meetings and Conference
    • Member Communications
    • Emerging Business and Technology Forum
    • Data Strategies Committee
  • Attendee – Executive Committee
  • President’s Liaison to Sweden – Global Alliances Advisory Board
  • Member – Board of Directors
  • Chair – Social Media Advisory Board
  • Member – Committee Selection
  • PAG Member – Real Estate, Your First Career Choice
  • Member – Board of Directors
  • Vice Chair – Social Media Advisory Board
  • Member – Committee Selection
  • PAG Member – Expanding Opportunities to Encourage Younger Membership
  • Chair – Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council – Large Board Forum
  • Member – Board of Directors
  • Member – Social Media Advisory Board
  • Member – Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council – Large Board Forum
  • Member – Social Media Advisory Board
  • PAG Member – REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee Advocacy Work Plan
  • Graduate of the National Association of REALTORS® Leadership Academy

California Association of REALTORS®

  • Director
  • Liaison – Association Leadership
    • Association Executives
    • Association Presidents Forum
    • Regional Chairs
    • Young Professionals Network
  • Member – NAR Director Forum
  • WomanUp! – Conference Panelist
  • Director
  • Vice Chair – Legislative
  • Member – Public Policy
  • Member – Business and Technology Forum
  • Member – NAR Directors Forum
  • Director
  • Vice Chair – Strategic Planning and Finance Committee
  • Member – Legislative
  • Member – Public Policy
  • Member – NAR Directors Forum
  • Director
  • Member – Strategic Planning and Finance Committee
  • Member – Legislative
  • Member – Public Policy
  • Member – NAR Directors Forum
  • Director
  • Member – MLS Policy
  • Member – Association Presidents Forum
  • Member – NAR Directors Forum
  • Director
  • Member – Executive Committee
  • Director
  • Chair – Young Professionals Network
  • Member – Transaction and Regulatory
  • Member – Public Policy
  • Director
  • Vice Chair – Young Professionals Network
  • Member – Professional Standards
  • Member – International Real Estate Forum
  • Director
  • Member – Professional Standards

Bay East Association of REALTORS®

  • Member – Past President’s Committee
  • Member – Investment Advisory Board
  • Member – Leadership Evaluation and Selection Committee
  • Member – Leadership Development Committee
  • Member – Strategic Planning Committee
  • Chair – Leadership Development Committee
  • Member – Past Presidents Committee
  • Member – Investment Advisory Board
  • Member – Leadership Evaluation and Selection Committee
  • Chair – Leadership Development Committee
  • Member – Past Presidents Committee
  • Member – Strategic Planning Committee
  • Member – Investment Advisory Board
  • Member – Leadership Evaluation and Selection Committee
  • Chair – Leadership Evaluation and Selection Committee
  • Chair – Past Presidents Committee
  • Member – Strategic Planning Committee
  • Member – Investment Advisory Board
  • Member – Young Professionals Network
  • BOD – Immediate Past President
  • Association President
  • Member – Investment Advisory Board
  • Member – Strategic Planning Committee
  • Member – Young Professionals Network
  • Member – Leadership Evaluation and Selection Committee
  • Association President Elect
  • Chair – Strategic Planning Committee
  • Member – Investment Advisory Board
  • Member – Young Professionals Network
  • Association Treasurer
  • Member – Investment Advisory Board
  • Member – Young Professionals Network
  • Member – Strategic Planning Committee
  • Director
  • Member – Strategic Planning Committee
  • Member – Young Professionals Network
  • Director
  • Chair – Young Professionals Network
  • Member – Strategic Planning Committee
  • Director
  • Chair/Founder – Young Professionals Network
  • Member – Member Benefits Committee
  • Member – Strategic Planning Committee
  • Director
  • Member – Member Benefits Committee
  • Bay East Foundation – Fundraising
  • Member – Member Benefits Committee

REALTOR® Involvement

  • Member of Women’s Council of REALTORS® 2001-present
  • NAR Leadership Summit, Speaker, 2016
  • Sindeo Advisory Board 2015-2017
  • RPR Mobile Advisory Group 2014
  • Black Knight Advisory Group 2013-2014
  • Inman Connect SF Speaker, 2014 and 2016
  • Bay East Association of REALTORS® Outstanding Leader Award, 2017

REALTOR® Political Advocacy

  • NAR Crystal 'R'
  • NAR Presidents Circle
  • C.A.R. Gold VIP Presidents Circle

Housing Affordability Fund

  • 2013 Contributor
  • 2014 Contributor
  • 2015 Contributor
  • 2016 Contributor
  • 2017 Contributor
  • 2018 Contributor





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“I have had the pleasure of serving on committees with Jennifer Branchini for many years and I am always happy to see Jennifer at the table.  I’ve found in discussions she has a unique ability to be the voice of reason, while also being able to think out of the box.  Jennifer is able to articulate her views in a way that encourages participation and discussion among those around her.  Jennifer is warm, caring, compassionate and smart and will serve C.A.R. well as Treasurer in 2020.”


Tim Ambrose.jpg

“I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Bay East Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors with Jennifer when she served as Treasurer, President-Elect and President. I’ve observed her leadership skills in all three of those roles. What stands out most to me in each of those roles is her desire and vision to make processes and procedures better for the good of the association and the members. That vision is also evident in her involvement with YPN, Leadership Evaluating & Selection, Leadership Development Committee and Strategic Planning. When I think of Jennifer I think of the quote from Robert Kennedy,

                “Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.”

I know Jennifer will be a great Treasurer for C.A.R. and its members and I’m excited to endorse her for the position.”


Mel Barker 300 300.jpg

“To be direct, Jennifer is one of my best friends and there's a reason for that. She's simply a wonderful person, mother and leader. I'm proud of her accomplishments with our associations of REALTORS®. Our industry issues are many and Jennifer is ready to take them on. Jennifer is convicted in her commitment to C.A.R., and our members in the trenches. She is the person that will honor our legacy and move us to the future.”



“To continue to be one of the most innovative and focused Associations in real estate, our leaders must be more than big picture thinkers. It is critical to focus on professionalism and commitment. I am confident that Jennifer has proven her leadership and focus towards continuing to elevate our industry to higher levels of professionalism and more robust commitment from our membership. That is why I am all in for Jennifer as C.A.R. Treasurer 2020.”



“Jen is the best candidate because she is devoted, she has the right vision, she is a forward thinker and she is inclusive.”

“Jennifer and I connected in 2017 and I have been inspired by watching her as a leader and we are both busy moms!”

"Jen is inclusive. As a new C.A.R. volunteer, she connected me to a YPN mixer and included me in conversations when I knew relatively no one. She got me out of my shell and made me feel comfortable and welcomed.”



"I support Jennifer for 2020 Treasurer for the California Association of REALTORS®. I've had the opportunity to watch her grow over the years. She has the experience, ability, commitment, and knowledge to recognize that there are challenges facing our industry. Jennifer has the professionalism to lead our association forward to manage any changes that are emerging."


"One of the main requirements of being a leader at any level in the REALTOR® organization is a commitment to doing what’s best for our members.  Jennifer has consistently shown that commitment and she has the passion to help REALTORS® be successful in their business and protect private property rights.  As Treasurer she will be a part of C.A.R.’s leadership team that addresses these issues and leads us into the future. Specifically, as Treasurer we have never had a candidate with the experience Jen has had in the Strategic Planning process.  As a member and Vice Chair of this committee she has been involved at the highest level in establishing C.A.R.’s priorities and then fund those programs through the budgeting process.  Please support her for Treasurer of C.A.R.”  

Viviana Cherman


"Jen is a great leader and mentor to a lot of us! She is an encyclopedia about our industry. We will be lucky if she gets to represent us."



"Jennifer creates leaders from her heart and soul. She guides, supports, and inspires others to grow into leadership. That’s why I endorse Jennifer Branchini for C.A.R. Treasurer. ”  


Winne Davis.jpg

“To have a young leader like Jen with dedication, passion, knowledge to serve, we are in good hands.”

“I worked with Jen when she chaired YPN and I chaired HAF in an event with Monica.”

“Jen is a hard worker, a doer, and gets things done!”



“She has the ability to carefully weigh issues, make fair decisions and lead others through the process.”

“Jen is a great listener. She takes the time to make sure every voice is heard in each leadership position I’ve seen her in.”



“I have known Jennifer for over 20 years, from our first transaction together, to co-managers and then working on the Leadership Development Committee. I can attest to Jennifer’s passion of Real Estate and her foresight into our ever changing business.”

“When I think of Jennifer the first thought that comes to mind is ‘NOT about how we always do things, but about how can we do things going forward’. Capitalizing on change and how we can be on the forefront of it.”

“Jennifer is my candidate of choice moving into 2020, I put all my faith and trust into her and her ability to the job done.”




“I truly could write a novel about Jennifer Branchini’s accomplishments over the years, but will condense by stating she has a broad range of experience and I believe that she is a tremendous representative and roll model for the California Association of REALTORS®.  In addition to being well-qualified, she not only understands the needs of the community-large, she also generously contributes her time to help others.”

“Jennifer views herself as the messenger for something serious and important, and this is reflected in the way she conducts herself with clients and in the way her peers respond.  With Jennifer, outstanding service and dedication is more than a concept;  it’s an attitude and I am sure she will continue to exhibit the same enthusiasm if elected C.A.R. Treasurer.”

“It has been a real honor to witness Jennifer’s passion and dedication to our profession and it has been a joy to watch her growth.  I cannot imagine a better person to enhance the image of REALTORS® and as a past Treasurer of C.A.R., I enthusiastically endorse Jennifer Branchini as 2020 C.A.R. Treasurer!”



"I’ve known Jennifer for years and we got to serve on the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee very briefly as I was ending my term and she began hers. After talking with Jennifer for a long while recently, I learned so much more about her: Her history and experience in real estate with her Aunt, her personal life and amazing partnership with her husband in how they use the teamwork approach in raising their kids. I got more insights on how Jennifer processes information, and underneath her serious and quiet front is a passionate heart and deep-thinking mind, working out ways to find solutions and create positive forward progress. I learned that Jennifer is ready to step up, focus and serve our organization as Treasurer in 2020. I believe she will bring creative and intelligent perspectives to our Strategic Planning initiatives, positively guiding us forward into the future. I urge our members to talk to her personally and to choose to support her in her candidacy for C.A.R. Treasurer. She has a vision that will help guide our organization in 2020 and beyond!"


A Kerr Dave Square 300 300.jpg

 “I believe Jennifer is the best candidate for Treasurer because she has strong analytical, leadership and communication skills that she has honed over her years of service to her local Association, to C.A.R., and NAR. When you talk to her, you understand how incredibly dedicated she is to the vision of C.A.R. as a strong and well-run member organization.”

“I first met Jennifer in 2008 before moving north to Sonoma when I was the president of the Oakland Association of REALTORS® at the Bay East installation of Pat Huffman. We got to know each other as directors of our respective Associations at various Regional events and installations over the years.”

 “In 2012 as a C.A.R. Regional Chair, I got to see Jennifer as a leader when she was Chair of YPN. What became obvious to me was that she was inclusive, inviting us “Old PNs” to join in with the YPN at events. It is obvious that she believes that we are successful when we serve the best interests of the whole membership even when working with a single group of individuals. She is one of the most capable and professional leaders in the real estate industry that I have met and served with at C.A.R.” 

Leslie Dopp Manzone


"Outstanding dedication to our industry and will be an asset to the California Association of REALTORS®."

Michele Manzone

Michele Manzone.jpg

“She has great forward thinking, vision.”

“Our Associations overlap, and I met Jen when she was the local president and through various leadership events."

“Jen has several leadership skills but one which stood out was at an NAR Conference and her ability to run the discussion was excellent.”



“Jennifer is the best candidate because when it comes to representing the REALTOR® brand, Jennifer is a TRUE professional! She is knowledgeable and well informed about all the issues from the state to national levels. Jennifer’s common-sense approach to leading C.A.R. involves a high level of passion and ethics, she is the right choice for C.A.R. Treasurer!”

“I met Jennifer in 2010 which was my very first year as a state director. Even then, Jennifer was very open minded and very willing to share information and help out in any way.”

“As 2010 Chair of C.A.R.’s YPN, Jennifer set the “standard for professionalism and creativity. She was always prepared, well-informed and kept moving the meetings forward.”



“I am supporting Jennifer Branchini for 2020 C.A.R. Treasurer because I believe in her ability to not only continue her proven high standards of leadership but also her strong desire to improve and help evolve organized real estate. I always appreciated her willingness to listen to fellow REALTORS® concerns and ideas and working towards real solutions. She has taken on many different responsibilities on top of all her other work and family needs, true example of ‘grace under pressure’."



“Jen protects the hope for the future of C.A.R.”

“I just feel like I have known her forever even though it has been a short time. She is a beautiful woman and a great leader!"



“I have had the opportunity of working with Jennifer since we served together in all of the roles of Leadership at Bay East several years ago. As Treasurer she worked hard alongside staff to understand our budget and processes. She was President Elect while I was President and I quickly learned how dedicated and passionate she is for organized real estate.  She chaired the newly formed Leadership Development Committee and immediately created several outstanding programs designed to give our members the forum to talk about what being involved in our Association looks like and what opportunities can come from that. She brought in many past leaders to speak with the members about their journey. Her passion to bring new leaders forward continues to help our Association lead the way. She will take that passion and creativity to the role of Treasurer at C.A.R."



“Jennifer is the finest example of a REALTOR® in all she does whether it be serving her clients or serving the Association as a volunteer.  She is held in high esteem by all those that have served with her.  She has a natural passion for leadership and mentoring new leaders and she is very dedicated to improving our industry.  We would be very fortunate to have Jennifer as our C.A.R. Treasurer.”



“Jennifer is passionate, devoted, talented and very smart but the most important quality to me is that she is a strategic thinker. That is what our Association needs in a treasurer in order for us to move forward with the greatest success for our members.”



“Jennifer is a born leader with a strong voice. In the years I have known her I have watched with admiration as she rises to every challenge and handles them with grace, dignity and poise. She brings tremendous value to her volunteer work and connects easily with our members, both experienced and new to the industry. As the California Association of REALTORS® constantly adapts to the needs of our colleagues and clients, we need leaders like Jennifer with the vision, energy and proven experience to guide us into a brighter future together."

J.P. Shamshoian


"I’m proud to endorse Jennifer Branchini for 2020 C.A.R. Treasurer. Jennifer has the energy, compassion, and connections to lead C.A.R. into the future. As a boots on the ground REALTOR®, she knows what issues brokers and agents deal with on a day to day basis, and I have full confidence that she’ll lead with our best interests at heart."



“Jennifer is thoughtful, open, and accountable. She has demonstrated a commitment to the real estate industry through her relentless service at a local, state, and national level for many years. She carries herself with poise and integrity, and is the type of person that will be there before you need her. Jennifer is a strong leader and will be an excellent treasurer for the California Association of REALTORS®.”

“She has always been someone that I admired and respected her for her integrity and poise. Without even knowing her, you can tell that she is a friend to every REALTOR®. After getting to know Jennifer, I have found that her professionalism is matched with a kind heart and strong values.”

“The hallways and meeting rooms at the California Association of REALTORS® Business Meetings are filled with leaders from all over the state. However, Jennifer always stands out among a crowd in a room full of industry heroes. She handles her business professionally and admirably.”



"Yes for Jennifer. She will be a great asset to leadership and members of C.A.R. A wonderful & gracious leader and is very well qualified."


Kesha Tolar 300 300.jpeg

“Jennifer is the best candidate because her focus on the three V’s- Vision, Voice, Value- are the core concepts that we, as an industry should be focusing on. These concepts are how we keep from becoming obsolete. Her focus seems to align exactly with where we should be focusing.”

“I have seen her lead many committees and conversations with poise and professionalism. She has always stood out as someone to be taken seriously because she WILL move mountains.”

“Her time on the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee is a testament to her ability to focus on the future of this organization. Her early involvement and leadership roles in YPN show that she really does have the vision for the future of our industry – starting something from nothing is a feat that many are not able to follow through with and her early commitment to that group speaks volumes of her drive to make things happen.”



“I consider myself very fortunate to have called Jennifer a friend for nearly a decade.  I first met Jen at an NAR leadership retreat in Chicago in 2010.  I was just then starting to become more involved at my local association.  Jennifer was much more seasoned than most who were in attendance.  What will always stand out to me from that first time we met was how eager and committed she was to ensuring, one, that we were all acclimated and comfortable in our new environment (that was maybe instinctual behavior for the mother of 3)...  We all went to Jennifer with questions and when we needed clarification.  Secondly, though, she took on the responsibility of communicating to this new group of potential volunteers/leaders the importance of our visit to Chicago and what we should hope to gain from it.  I think the model leader has to have qualities such as being personable, and relatable...  Jennifer has those!  She's incredibly personable and relatable. But, a good leader also must be knowledgeable, they must be articulate, they have to be able to motivate and they must have the ability to remain focused on their tasks, whatever those tasks may be.  Jennifer is exceptional in all of those ways.  She literally does it all!  From the first moment I met her in 2010 I admired her for her leadership qualities.  That admiration has only grown over time as I've continued to see her blossom into the consummate leader, mother and REALTOR®.”